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Nori Hasenbein

Sales Person

Nori started her career in Science many years ago and has developed a great sense for asking the right questions to get results.  For the last 27 years Nori has been self-employed, working in retail, tourism, and internet marketing.   Sales and building relationships with her clients have always been her strong points.  Nori is motivated, honest, an effective and easy to talk to communicator, and is always striving to achieve the best results for her clients.

Nori has been enthusiastic about property all her life and has been investing in and renovating many properties and can see potential where others just see walls or problems.  She can expertly advise investors and home owners alike and will come up with novel ideas on how to improve your property.  Nori has been living on Tamborine Mountain for over 17 years and intimately knows the area and the community.   Her dedication to her clients and their properties is second to none.

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